At my signal….

Cassius: On this day, we reach back to hallowed antiquity, to bring you a recreation of the second fall of the mighty Carthage!… On the barren plain of Zama, there stood the invincible armies of the barbarian Hannibal. Ferocious mercenaires and warriors from all brute nations, bent on merciless destruction, conquest. Your emperor is pleased to give you the barbarian horde!
[Crowd cheers] – Gladiator

CCPs latest dev blog announces the spectacle that is the next Alliance Tournament and I for one am looking forward to it.  The Alliance Tournament is a remarkable event in the EVE Online Calender,  and I cant help shake the impression of the gladiatorial arena of ancient Rome.  Then, as now, the drama of the event is as much about the personalities, the scandals and the ‘savagery’ as it is about the ultimate winner.

Many of us will be salivating over watching multi billion ISK ships go ‘boom’ in an environment where there’s no Hot Drop coming in to help you out, no running to a POS shield or docking in a station: in many ways the Alliance Tournament harks back to an older, more basic but more brutal EVE.

There will be the inevitable posts with the “new idea” of adding arenas to TQ, and for a brief moment CCP had actually gone partially down that path – but these will be drowned out because whilst the Tournament is an ‘Event’ it would be so much diminished if it was copied across TQ just as TQ would become little more than a glorified waiting room for “PVP Zones” .

Not all the matches will be great, or even mildly watch able. Some of the commentators will likely drive many of us to distraction and there will be the usual, slightly uncomfortable sensation  of watching a handful of players desperately trying to be “punters on TV” whilst at the same time trying not to appear total muppets.

For me, well the great thing is a chance to catch the matches during breaks at work or to  just sit down with  a coffee (or beer) in the evening and watch a few laser beams burn up the night sky.

Are you not entertained? 😉


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