This past week has seen some interesting, if not entirely welcome events for PI.  Post patch sharp eyed industrial and marketeers spotted that with POS / Sov structures still seeded it was possible to purchase the NPC sell orders of these items, reprocess them down to P4 items (the items at the top of the PI production chain) and then manufacture other, more desirable and expensive POS / Sov structures.

Needless to say in the process these players were able to make a bucket load of ISK as they were able to sell off  ‘bargain price’ structures, including outposts, whilst still making a tidy profit.

Shortly the forums provided the inevitable ‘threadnaught‘.  Currently the situation is in limbo as:

During downtime on Saturday, May 29, all NPC sell orders for starbase structures, sovereignty structures and station components were temporarily disabled. These orders will be restored temporarily on Wednesday, June 2 until Planetary Interaction is fully operational“. – CCP Navigator

There is a second albeit short opportunity now for those holding structures to sell them (providing demand exists) during the vacuum between NPC sell orders becoming available again.  In the longer term there remains a question of how much p4 material now exists in the hangars of players across New Eden.  If this quantity is quite large then its likely that some, if not all, P4 production will be an almost complete waste of time – at least until the market is de saturated of the existing product.

There may be some up take of the intermediate P1 – P3 products by players looking to manufacture P4, if only because the lead time from P1 to P3 is relatively long.

The huge irony of this debacle of course is that Planetary Command Centers weren’t seeded to stop those with prior experience of PI on the test server getting an unfair advantage and making kerbillions before the less experienced could react.  As it is this plan failed and those with their eye on the ball have profited nicely and those waiting patiently in the sidelines are now essentially irrelevant – at least for now.

Rumour abounds as to what subsequent action CCP might take prior to PCC’s hitting the market on 8 June, with some suggesting items produced prior to then will be vaporized, or PI P4 quantities increased to mute the current market glut.  Either way CCP have a task in front of them to make PI relevant to all but the most determined.


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