Burn baby, burn!

Its official. EVE Online’s forthcoming expansion is going back to the era of platform shoes, afros and wide flares with Disco Inferno!

Oh ok, it’s just “Inferno” but I couldn’t help myself.

Not only will this no doubt resurrect (phoenix like) the well worn meme of ‘die in a fire -in game’ it will also apparently rekindle (I imagine you’re loving the incendiary puns I’m dropping here)  warfare across EVE.

To be honest CCP Unifex’s dev blog doesnt actually say anything of any detail: its very much the usual “in the next few months…as we continue to develop…I’m keeping details light..we will be revealing” etc etc without actually saying what CCP are planning.  That’s always frustrated me about CCPs dev blogs – lots of hype not so much substance; and when the substance does arrive it often falls short of well, pretty much everyone’s expectations.  Not only that but if CCP reveal a absolute stinker of an idea its usually too late to avert the forum rage that follows.

So the question in my mind right now is if we will see a departure from CCP throwing themselves from the proverbial frying pan and deliver more than forum flames.  Crucible was good, not spectacular but warming – but will Inferno be too hot to handle?

Flame on.



One Response to “Burn baby, burn!”

  1. Serpentine Logic Says:

    This post has sparked my interest.

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