About Cailais

Through Cailais I’ve been playing EVE Online since 2006.  Through that time I’ve kicked around with essentially the same group of buddies participating in High Sec Merc wars, Low Sec piracy, Factional Warfare, Combat Booster production & trade, and Alliance territory warfare.

When not involved in PVP operations, where I typically assume the role of a area scout, I can be found dropping scan probes in some region or other fingers crossed that Ill hit a rich stream of ISK loot to plunder.  Occasionally I’ll dip into some form of manufacturing, although not on any real scale.

You can contact me either directly through this blog page – or drop me a line via EVE Gate.  Alternatively you can follow me on Twitter.

See you in space! 😉


3 Responses to “About Cailais”

  1. Superdandroid17@btinternet.com Says:

    You Suck

    Boo Hiss

    Stop making me want to play eve again – I dont have the time.

    Perhaps next year when things have died down a bit.

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