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The Mittani killed the EVE community – community buys new clone.

Posted in EVE Online on November 23, 2012 by cailais

Of late there seems to be a degree of faltering doubt within the EVE blogging community – talk from the likes of Kirith Kodachi, or Rixx Jarvis and Marc Scaurus sounding the death bell of “z blog pack”.  Apparently the Mittani is involved as well.

Standard operating procedure (of course) is to immediately don a full suit of tin foil, flame retardant under garments and gather up ones pitch fork and wade on in.

To my mind however that’s premature – EVE’s community has a tendency, a habit even, of creating drama in a vacuum.  Does the Mittani news site spell out the end of community blogs? Should we pack up our collective keyboards and retreat to the comfort of touch screens far from the risks of repetitive strain injury? Er….no.

EVEs community – like the game itself – is in constant flux and change.  For a time podcasts were all the rage, FOTM stuff; you couldn’t move for the things.  Then came a sudden burst of video media (EVE TV anyone?) and the humble blog alongside tweetfleets and Bookface(tm).  Now with EVE 24 and The Mittani sites we have more “structured” news portals but that assuredly doesn’t forecast either the end of blogging or necessarily the end of the blog pack.  For as long as their are EVE players there will be blogs written by them; some good, some frequent and – occasionally – some good & frequent bloggers.

Rather than chisel away and prepare the headstone for the blogging community I think we should expect quite the reverse.  DUST 514 will introduce a entirely new collective of players engaged in EVE.  Many of these will blog about the game its dramas, faults and stand out successes.  Sites like The Mittani shouldn’t be seen as some crushing force of mass media, bulldozing its way through the ranks of independent blog writers moreover it can be seen as a clarion call for more bloggers, and a source of inspiration.  I have, from time to time, read a few of the opinion pieces written on EVE 24, or on The Mittani or even on wider ‘news sites like Massively and found myself reaching for the keyboard to counter the claims I’ve read there.

This does of course bring about the question of numbers – who and how many read your blog? Or mine for that matter? My personal feeling is it actually doesn’t matter.  Blogging isn’t purely a popularity contest and provided you (or I) am happy to write upon the subject of EVE and have even a handful of readers surely that is sufficient?  The EVE Blog Pack (and I was in the distant past a ‘member’) shouldn’t really be seen as a collection of master blog writers, but rather a useful portal into the writings of many other players.  More than once I have stumbled from a ‘blog pack’ writers page to a less well known writers blog and enjoyed the content or have been inspired to see EVE from another players perspective.

And it is really all about perspective – the community of commentators be they on established websites, blogs, forums or twitter all combine to form “crystal like” a many faceted view of EVE.  Some of those perspective you will be entranced by, confused or even repulsed by: what we can’t do is deny they exist.  Whether the ‘Blog Pack’ remains as an organised published entity remains to be seen but I would draw the analogy that the Blog Pack is rather like Alliances holding Sov over null sec: if CCP removed the Sov system would those entities influence over those areas simply disappear?  Of course not, and in the same fashion removing a label doesn’t imply that a thing no longer exists.

I blog, therefore I am 😉