Post Crucible

As the dawn of the Crucible expansion arrives capsuleers across New Eden will raise their eyes to the heavens to gaze upon the splendour of universe with its swirling nebulae and glittering stars.  Whilst Crucible hovers on the margins of a true expansion (a buffed glaze might be a better description) it does at the very least herald an exciting vision of EVE.

Orbiting those nuclear spheres of fire however are the Planets of New Eden.  Here also we can see increasing details of what the future holds in the form of DUST 514…

For those who can happily sit tweaking ship set ups well into the early hours of the morning – and would like to do the same in a FPS then DUST514 looks ready to deliver.  I think we can also assume that industrialists will raise an enquiring eye brow at the potential to produce and bring to market those items.

For those that are wondering ‘what next?’ post Crucibles release then DUST514 must surely feature heavily in CCPs plans.  The integration of the existing EVE Universe with DUST514 will pose not only technical challenges but game play obstacles also.  Take the image above as just one example: will EVEs ‘in space’ pilots be able to manufacture and trade those modules?  Its a well trodden path but with DUST514s reliance on a micro transaction model how will items manufactured ‘in space’ be realised as items owned and used by the ‘grunts on the ground’.

What will be equally fascinating is how an EVE Online ‘FiS’ player determines the relative value of a given DUST514 module, if (as well may be the case) they don’t play DUST514.  Just how useful / valuable is a Fusion Accelerator any way? Over a protracted period of time the relative popularity of any given DUST514 item (factoring in the time and resources to manufacture) will be become apparent through market trades – but at least initially the ‘value’ of DUSTs products will be something of a guessing game.

The other aspect of EVE post Crucible is that of the mechanics of conflict – and here I mean conflict to include the mechanics around Sovereignty, Faction Warfare and the classic ‘war dec’.  Into this mess of various mechanics and ‘rules’ will sit the idea of DUST514 as a mew dimension of war fare.  Will Empire ‘war decs’ translate into DUST514 battles? What of Faction Warfare? Or Null Sec Sov?

DUST514 offers CCP an opportunity to re work those conflict mechanics – hopefully into some sort of homogenised system – to the benefit of both those battles on the ground, and those in space and on the markets.


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