EVE Burns

The City of EVE is aflame.  Buildings burn and crackle, the light from their fires throwing up huge monstrous shadows.  In dark side alleys small gangs run rampant shouting and laughing as they loot and pillage.  The sound of breaking glass, small fights and scuffles.

Closer in the main square is a battle ground.  Placards rise above the baying mob, anger writ upon their faces.  They’re chanting and howling.  On the steps of the once beautiful Cathedral of CCP – Pann, god of shepherds and flocks, tries to subdue them with pleas for patience and parley.  The crowds protests drown her out.  She pleads that she will not sacrifice her friends to the masses to be torn apart but even as she glances nervously over her shoulder the few cheers are swamped by greater jeering.  A bottle flies through the air and smashes at Pann’s feet.  Another and then yet more follow.  She retreats back behind the barricades of corrugated iron and barbed wire that surround the Cathedral to howls of derision.

One protester burns a CCP flag.  Another hoists a pony flag to howls of laughter. All are wearing monocles. Top hats abound.

On the margins of the crowd sit others, there faces ashen – not a few with tear filled eyes.  They talk of NGE’s and broken promises. A few try to remonstrate with the protesters, to rally support for the Authorities but their cause seems hopeless.

“GREED IS GOOD!!” scream the mob, hurling vitriol and venom from their mouths.  Security forces deploy around the Cathedral steps, dressed all in black riot shield and batons in hand.  One crazed rioter throws a placard through the air shouting ‘DIAF!’ and with that the guards surge forward grabbing the culprit and hauling him from the mob.  Later he will be questioned, given a brief chance to plead his case then he will suffer his punishment – banishment from the city; forever.

Inside the Cathedral? No one knows. Perhaps they are locked in frantic meetings to find a solution, a chance no matter how slim to placate the anger pressing onto the walls outside.  No doubt they will see Pann stumble in covered in soot and ash from the flames outside.  Some will feel fear.  Others anger. Those ungrateful plebs – for whom they have worked so tirelessly! Others will do nothing, they will sit and twiddle their thumbs.  Meanwhile outside…

EVE burns.


37 Responses to “EVE Burns”

  1. Wow, that was just awesome

  2. Belloche Says:

    I loved it! Now if only we could get a response from the Cathedral…

  3. Excellent!

  4. Mike azariah Says:

    Thar was perfect. Images, setting, everything. Very well done


  5. That is a brilliant post. Utterly briliant.

  6. Excellent! Awesome in the real sense and not in the CCP sense.

  7. Hiram Alexander Says:

    Very well spoken…

  8. An absolutely amazing and moment capturing post. You’ve summarized the mood of the community with eloquent perfection.

  9. Love it! Thanks, it really shows a vision of what the EVE Online Community is going through right now!

  10. This is really good.


  11. Will no one think of the kittens? *sniff*

  12. That sir, was beautiful, epic and poetic. I am moved.

  13. Incredibly well written. The images provoked capture the “Rome is Burning” feel of the CCP debacle impressively.

  14. God you’re a pack of moaning bitches aren’t you?

  15. Brannoncyll Says:

    Excellent post, made me chuckle. Might I suggest a brief edit to correct a couple of spelling errors? ‘CPP’ -> ‘CCP’, ‘barb wire’ -> ‘barbed wire’, etc?

    I love ‘all are wearing monocles, top hats abound’. 🙂

  16. Latrodanes Says:

    Nicely done. A true depiction of the “Days of Rage.”

  17. I´m just speechless, though all words needed to put, you’ve already put. Thrills and shivers are mine right now. Well done!

  18. Very well said :).

  19. I’ve to ask how Zulu’s devblog adds to the story.

  20. Wandering Deathstriker Says:

    that was very well done good sir. you have a talent for writing.

  21. Well done….

  22. […] and frankly the thing seemed to be a little overdone in my opinion. But given the LACK of mobs setting fire to everything in sight, I suppose it was doing its job. The entire GFIC can be seen in the […]

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