EVE Burns (Part II)

Dark clouds roiled and tumbled over the City of EVE.  Their ponderous mass flicked by lines of lightning but in the absence of thunder only the hiss of static could be heard.  The hour had come.  The crowd was largely silent, their faces turned up to the singular balcony that jutted forth like an out thrust jaw from the Cathedral of CCP.

A few shouts rang out across the packed square as Zulu appeared upon the balcony in his finest raiment.  Large screens, fuzzy and indistinct magnifying his face for all to see.

The crowd held their collective breaths.

Zulu stepped forward, pausing only momentarily to confer with a hooded and robbed figure of the Sisters Of Eve.  The crowd murmuring, a few obscenities shouted out.  SOE were not loved here in this city.  Their greed and avarice had already brought another  legendary polis to its knees and many refugees had fled to EVE to escape the squalor and misery of that place.

Zulu raised his hands high, and spoke.  His voice echoed out from the speakers arraigned around the square, his face smiling he offered platitudes and peace to the people. He spoke of fear and fearlessness, and of coin and wealth. A murmuring grew in the crowd covered at first by the sharp bark of Zulus voice but its noise began to overwhelm even that.  Zulu grinned wildly the cameras panning away to avoid the growing fear in his eyes.

“I hope I’ve addressed your concerns and cleared up a lot of the issues you’re having”. He said backing slowly from the balcony.  He continued to speak but by now his words were lost.  A great howl erupted from the assembled throng, greater now than any that had gone before.  Incandescent rage had filled the people. Like a pressure valve blowing the violence erupted and lightning cracked over head.  Missiles flew from every quarter raining down upon the hallowed place of CCP.  The guards encircling the Cathedral backed off, looking nervously to one another – they had seen trouble before, it was after all a raucous city -but this? No this was new.

At once the crowed surged forward as Zulu disappeared from site ushered away by the Sisters; the people had waited too long for such passing words.  Like a sea they smashed upon the barricades faces contorted with anger.  A shot rang out, then another.  That noble citizen, Liang of Nuren, was caught by the guards and lost amongst them as they fell back and back into the depths of the Cathedral.  At once two mighty explosions rang out and, at the rear of the square those two mighty Towers of ‘Trust’ and ‘Confidence’ collapsed – their structures burnt away by the flames.

Dust and fire swirled as darkness fell over the City of Eve.  Her once resplendent statues covered in soot and ash, as flames licked hungrily up the Cathedrals walls.  Across great swathes of the City in every quarter and every district rioting broke out as fear, anger, and disbelief washed across her people like a flood. Those who could fled, in panic and confusion, to rivers and waterways to escape the blaze around them.

In sheltered halls those few of the CSM, the peoples voice, watched from high windows as their City consumed itself.  They looked to one another but they found no answers written there.


13 Responses to “EVE Burns (Part II)”

  1. Excellent! Subbed, I hope you continue to blog, even if it’s about a different game. -LaciJRich

  2. you’re my hero

  3. It’s a bittersweet melancholy reading your pieces; beautiful as they are, the cataclysm they narrate is my home.

    • Yeah, I’m sorry they often come through with negative colour to them but I can only really write what I see. Believe me, I would love to write a final peace describing a rise from the ashes.


  4. Latrodanes Says:

    ..and then the CCP priests all took the weekend off. This should end well, no?

  5. Gods, you got me on the edge of my seat wondering how this will turn out . . . oh and the real Eve as well


    • Er…I was pretty much going to finish it there – I mean you can stretch a thing only too far. You think I should write a final part to the trilogy?


      • i think you should keep writing about something!
        your blogs are always a brilliant read, and now, even though i yet again un subbed just before all this kicked off, i’ve been following these events pretty closely.
        i find it hard to say how happy i am how the community’s come together. the thread in general discussion took half a day to reach the length that the t20 thread reached in 3. this is the end for eve. and ccp don’t care.

        finn (krist)

  6. Shandir Says:

    Love this story.

  7. Fantastic, 🙂

  8. I think they will force csm to acknowledge MT and “pay to win” as a rightful heir of EVE kingdom, and to admit their “mistake” and violence against the rightfull heir to eve kingdom..the P2W MT… and
    And than they will chop old kings head off…
    …and thus begins the reign of pay to win MT in eve…

  9. Cluelessn00b Says:

    Damm i loved it! wish i had found your blog before i left eve and this ‘situation’ with the devs…. keep writing! i got ya bookmarked now

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