Winter is coming

“Creation is so precious, and greed so destructive.”

EVE Online: Tyrannis Teaser
Summer 2010

TheMittani The Mittani
Protip: In a world economy devastated by unchecked capitalism, titling a pdf “Greed Is Good” will not win friends! #eveonline #tweetfleet

3 Responses to “Winter is coming”

  1. I believe words like ‘hurt’, ‘abandoned’, or maybe ‘saddened’ describe most accurately how we feel. Though I think the best way to say it is that we are disillusioned.

    Lead on by a company that pretended to love you much like that girl who broke your heart, CCP is tugging us along by our heart strings. Now is a good time to re-evaluate if we really are more than a bottom line to them.

  2. Khamelean Says:

    The document was titled “Greed is Good?”

    notice the difference?

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