Aye Aye Captain Quarter

CCP’s latest devblog reveals what most knew already – that the first iteration of ‘Incarna’ (previously known as ‘walking in stations’) will be somewhat limited.  Essentially we will be able to access our own Captains Quarters which, in and of itself is pretty cool.  Sadly we wont be able to invite or host anyone else within that space which is likely to come as a bitter blow to the RP crowd.

Perhaps a better way to view this first element of Incarna as more of a ‘sneak peak’, preview or limited Beta than a true addition to EVE.  There are of course pros and cons to such an approach.  The Pros being that CCP can tweak and adjust the Incarna experience in increments according to player feedback.  Bugs and glitches can be ironed out as the world expands from a singular living space to more social and larger environments. The Cons of this approach is that the over all effect – the ‘OMG OZZOM!’ impact might be reduced.  CCP Chiliad’s comment that “these first Captain’s Quarters are designed mainly as an entry level capsuleer environment with basic functionality” are likely to annoy some Veteran players. They will no doubt wonder if this is a new feature intended for them – or for a new breed of player who will replace them.

Equally worrying is the continued persistence of the CSM to demand that CCP provide equal levels of functionality in space, in station and within Incarna.  If the ‘game’ functionality is the same why replicate it with two different graphical representations – i.e spaceships / stations?

Whilst Incarna looks draw dropping good I am still finding it hard to see either any embedded game play, or any emergent game play featuring in it.  Perhaps, in time, this will come.


7 Responses to “Aye Aye Captain Quarter”

  1. Soren Nyrond Says:

    This, actually, strikes me as sensible from both a practical and an RP point of view.

    Practical, because, as you say, a small module like this will be able to act like a test-bed (or, actually, several thousand test-beds — mini-Sisis running without (too much) extra sever space) to identify problems, for them to be ironed out, before a fuller roll-out of stations in general.
    Especially because *someone* (and I suspect quite a few of them) is going to want the technology made open-source so that POSs can be custom-styled to fit … idiosyncratic preferences.

    And from the RP side, if you debarking from your capsule, the first place you’ll be is in a cabin like this, which you are going to want to be as good as you can get it before you invite guests in. And how will people know what to give you as EVE-mas gifts, if they haven’t tried it out in their own modules first. The next thing will want to be shops, and then casinos, merchant guild halls, and strategic planning rooms (the last probably synchronised with DUST, so that alliances can plan attacks in one game, and then export to the console to carry out perfidious performance).

    My 2c — don’t sue me !!

    • Question is – you’ll be ‘rp’ing’ on your own. Which isnt ideal. Baby steps I guess.


      • Soren Nyrond Says:

        I take your point. But in RL, I have met people who would have found it easier to RP if they’d had the chance, first, to establish who their RP-self was, and how they interacted with the World, before being obliged to interact with RP-people.
        If someone has glitched it badly, and the Incarna avatars conflict with the environment, at least it won’t have messed everyting up, just the CQ bit.
        And if griefers plan on messing it up (and soem will) maybe CCP can spot them in this phase and build in the protection the rest of us need, rather than launching Incarna full-scale,m and then have it turn into WestWorld

  2. I wasn’t under the impression that this was the ‘entire’ first expansion. This is simply the first step of the expansion.
    They promise more (although I have to say I’m direly disappointed by the single-player nature of the environment. That’s something I really think they should have pushed for.

  3. The CSM isn’t demanding that CCP provide equal levels of functionality between the two, they’re demanding that existing functionality can still be accessed without being forced to use Incarna.

    I don’t think anyone expects new functionality to be duplicated between the two in every instance

  4. It’s all about immersion in my opinion.

    Eve is a great game full of things to do but once you meet up with the others there are some little problems. The roleplaying is hard when there are no avatars (and ships are not avatars in my opinion).

    I’m not expecting to change the way i’ll play the game but I’ll change the way i feel while i’ll play it.

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