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Aye Aye Captain Quarter

Posted in EVE Online on February 17, 2011 by cailais

CCP’s latest devblog reveals what most knew already – that the first iteration of ‘Incarna’ (previously known as ‘walking in stations’) will be somewhat limited.  Essentially we will be able to access our own Captains Quarters which, in and of itself is pretty cool.  Sadly we wont be able to invite or host anyone else within that space which is likely to come as a bitter blow to the RP crowd.

Perhaps a better way to view this first element of Incarna as more of a ‘sneak peak’, preview or limited Beta than a true addition to EVE.  There are of course pros and cons to such an approach.  The Pros being that CCP can tweak and adjust the Incarna experience in increments according to player feedback.  Bugs and glitches can be ironed out as the world expands from a singular living space to more social and larger environments. The Cons of this approach is that the over all effect – the ‘OMG OZZOM!’ impact might be reduced.  CCP Chiliad’s comment that “these first Captain’s Quarters are designed mainly as an entry level capsuleer environment with basic functionality” are likely to annoy some Veteran players. They will no doubt wonder if this is a new feature intended for them – or for a new breed of player who will replace them.

Equally worrying is the continued persistence of the CSM to demand that CCP provide equal levels of functionality in space, in station and within Incarna.  If the ‘game’ functionality is the same why replicate it with two different graphical representations – i.e spaceships / stations?

Whilst Incarna looks draw dropping good I am still finding it hard to see either any embedded game play, or any emergent game play featuring in it.  Perhaps, in time, this will come.



Posted in EVE Online on February 17, 2011 by cailais

“In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant”.  ~Charles de Gaulle

With the opening of the candidacy for CSM 6 players have started to fire the opening salvo’s of their campaigns.  Leading the charge (naturally enough given his military pedigree) is Col Rocweiler darling of the #tweetfleet with, according to his no doubt accurate calculations a veritable legion of female admirers.

Must be something to do with those shades.

Jesting aside Rocweiler’s recent comments on the monetization of the EVE API and Third Party Developers throws open a quandary with respect to the CSM process. Roc’s view is that “there are only two real options when it comes to the EVE API” remove it completely or introduce some form of quality control by CCP to ensure only the best make it through.  One can see the value behind some of these statements – after all CCP probably doesn’t want its Intellectual Property sullied by poor or shoddy apps.

Far, far more concerning is that as one half of the development team behind the popular iphone app ‘Capsuleer’ is that Roc of course has a vested interest in seeing such apps ‘monetized’.  Is it right therefore that the CSM be used as a defacto portal for businesses to lobby CCP on the function and profitability of the API service?

Roc strenuously  objected to this view point;

“100% NO. The CSM should be involved in player to CCP communications regarding the game EVE Online”.

He is probably quite correct in this regard however how would this be put into practice in reality? CSM members have unique opportunities to meet and correspond with CCP which are beyond the regular player.  Could we in fact see Third Party developers cosy up with CCP Devs (over a beer or two naturally) and mention, just in passing of course, how such and such a development could be of great benefit to them? And their wallets.

Within many political structures we see politicos being obliged to ‘register their interests’ although the CSM apparently has no such checks or balances.  This isn’t a problem ordinarily but once we start considering the issue of third parties making revenue the picture changes.  Would we see ‘popular’ forumites, bloggers or EVE personalities being hired and employed by third party businesses to secure the popular vote and then use that influence to pressure CCP into favouring their masters?

Roc admits that there is no way of knowing exactly how a CSM may use, or abuse, their position. As always players are required to trust their own instincts and what they know of the candidate before they vote – are difficult proposition in the murky world of EVE at the best of times. Whether abuse of such a position is worse with respect to seeking an ‘in game’ advantage or out of game profit is open to debate.

As for Colonel Rocweiler – well I shall leave that judgement to you, hoping you will read his comments and be informed by them in comparison to those he is running against.  If he does snatch power and mount a military coup d’etat you can at least be assured of getting a dictator with appropriately overly large hat and spurious and expansive medal collection…..

Oh and shades.  Mustn’t forget the shades.