I’m excited to reveal that yours truly of The Hydrostatic Capsule will be delivering a cameo appearance in January’s edition of EON Magazine.

For those of you who’ve not had the pleasure of holding its smooth glossy pages between your fingers EON is the in print magazine of the EVE Universe published by MMM Publishing and edited by Richie “Zapatero” Shoemaker.  The magazine covers a wide selection of in game and out of game news with articles ranging from Fan Fest coverage to Alliance profiles and ship fitting guides.  Even the adverts are EVE related.  I’m a big fan of EON and will regularly flick through older copies if only to see how EVE has changed and evolved through the months and years.

Equally exciting for those with an allergic reaction to ink or paper EON will soon be coming to an EVE Store new you in a glittery digital format streamed down the intertubes through the wonders of technology. Or magic. It’s hard to tell.

Personally I find EON’s paper copy just perfect for those fear inducing moments when I can’t get a wifi signal or just want to go ‘old skool’ and read something that’s not on a screen.  Of course EON submissions don’t get paid, and whilst I enquired as to my fee Richie’s result was predictable enough….

On the upside though I am honoured to have my writing alongside such big names as Rixx JarvisAngus McDecoy, FinnAgainKirith Kodachi and Keith Neilson. Oh and Winterblink.  So even if my ramblings aren’t much of a lift for those “post festive season blues” you can be assured of a good read in the new year.

Have a great merry and jovial Christmas and a Happy New year. Oh and if you spot Santa; don’t forget to post your loss mail.


2 Responses to “Ink’carna”

  1. Congratulations on being published mate. Your blogposts are of consistently great quality and the recognition is greatly deserved. I’m not at all jealous.

    • Thanks Seismic; why not submit some of your stuff to EON? OR even look at writing a regular spot over at The Eve Report which in some ways is even better as you’d get paid! 😀


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