EVE Commune’ists

A relatively new EVE podcast caught my eye (perhaps that should be ears…) and worth a “micro-blog” post here in case you’ve missed it. Eve Commune from Garhead and Chainer Cygnus covers a pretty wide range of EVE news – and player generated news at that.  Perhaps more importantly Garhead and Chainer look to be focusing on making Eve Commune a resource of resources which means its shaping up to be a great one stop shop for all your information needs.

What’s really nice about this pod cast is that is packed with some useful advice in an audio format and delivered well by the guys on the show.  Chainer and Garhead also review quite a good selection of Blogs so if, like me, you’re looking for a select choice of interesting blogs amongst the masses out there its well worth listening too or even to just browse the show notes.

The cast rate seems to be around a pod cast every few days – although if Chainer and Garhead can maintain that pretty fierce rate of pod casts will remain to be seen.  Be sure to check it out.




4 Responses to “EVE Commune’ists”

  1. I’m really glad to hear you enjoy the podcast! We shoot for a release of once a week but we’re working on creating a mid-week release of “submitted” material from the community. Advertisements, corps, resources and more will be included along with any extra audio left over from our weekly recordings.

    We also have an exciting guest joining for an upcomming episode and we continue to implement any feedback we get from the community.


  2. Milo Caman Says:

    Cheers for linking this Cal. It’s nice to see another regular EVE podcast. Will be tuning in for future ones 😀

  3. Kudos. Listened to this podcast since (near) episode one. Always pleased.

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