But is it Art?

The ‘Create a Starship‘ contest over on Deviant Art has now closed so I thought I would share my ‘favs’ with you, with one ship selected from each main race.  I loved loads of the entries but for this fly by review I tried to focus in on what I felt were ‘classic’ styles of racial ship design – e.g. did the ship convey the ‘Amarr’ image?  Anyway, enough waffle – ship pron time:

Polarlex’s “Aquillon” – he’s classed it as a battleship although it could be scaled down as a Battlecruiser; its got that brutix look to it for me, curved and almost organic looking.

The “Naru-Kami” by Baranha was a tough choice as a Caldari entry, but I still think it was the best fit even if it has some tones of Amarr or even Minmatar within it.

Bak90’s “Precursor” – looks a bit close to a mashup of a Zealot and a Apoc but I think the artist has pulled it off.

I luuuuuv this ship.  Dreamwa1ker’s “Tornado” is a Minmatar Myrm in style and design – but still screams of rust and speed, again whilst the artist has slotted it in as a Battleship I think it would work on any scale, even as a Frigate. Overall this is my ‘hope it wins’ but the competition is pretty stiff and there are some other great efforts.  Let’s hope CCP / Deviant Art run something similar again soon, as this is what EVE is all about: internets spaceships.



4 Responses to “But is it Art?”

  1. Have to agree. The tornado is a fantastic looking ship, keeping in perfectly with the EvE and minnie style.

    Got my vote too 🙂

  2. I love the Precursor instead. It’s shiny, it’s black (so it fits with my khanid char) and how sweet will it be to change the hull one of the command ship with this (maybe the absolution…)

  3. I have to disagree entirely. While the ships are really well crafted, this contest is not. There are people who get paid by CCP to dedign ships for EVE and they are taking $ from their pockets by having us design ships for free. Not very classy on CCP’s part.

    • That’s an unusual view point, and not one I’ve come across before. I would think CCP’s art department has enough tasks that it’s unlikely the deviant art contributors are stealing work off CCP’s art team. You could, I guess, say that CCP are getting art work ‘for free’ – but then equally you could say the contributing artist gets the kudos of having their art reproduced in EVE. I should think CCP are also using this opportunity to see if their is any potential talent out there who can work to a brief and produce high quality work, so there’s always an outside chance someone could capture a job from the process. Ultimately its just one ship; we shouldn’t reed too much into that.


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