Today I read that the iphone app, capsuleer, is going the way of the Do Do.

Im thinking back to what were, for me at least, the halcyon days of EVE Online.  Winterblink and Urban Mongrel on Warp Drive Active chewing the fat and talking well rubbish really, but amusing rubbish.  We even had EVE TV back then. Nano-gangs were all the rage, in fact if your ship couldnt top 3km/s it really wasn’t worth un-docking it.  We flew reckless fun gang ops, hurtling through low sec.  Some we’d win, often we’d lose but we’d be back the next night for more.  But today? Today is…different.

Today EVE feels to me at least as if it is sliding slowly, inexorably, into a dull depressed state – stagnating if you will.  There’s little I can directly put my finger on to say why that’s the case – the subscriber numbers seem strong, there are new features like W Space and Tech 3 Ships but nevertheless that feeling, like the dullness of a headache building is there.  Normally I’d say I’ve maybe burnt out, overplayed EVE to the detriment of everything else but the truth of it is I haven’t.  I log on. I spin my ship and maybe un-dock and shoot an NPC in a belt and then….well then I go and do something else.

In the background EVE glows.  Occasionally a chat window blinks.

Quite a few friends have left EVE now, other things pressing upon their time.  There’s this sense of being the last person to leave, tasked with switching off the lights and casting a wistful glance back at a house full of memories.  Somehow, somewhere, CCP have gone astray.  Was it the turgid boredom of swapping POS hitpoints for TCU hitpoints in Sov warfare?  Was it the ‘nothing like Civilisation’ button clicking of Planetary Interaction?  Could it have been the promise of walking through stations, only to learn that those stations would be locked for at least another year?

Ah there’s the skill queue. I aught to queue something up.  I scroll lazily through it, uninspired – nothing’s in there to save me from a blob gate camp or a hot dropped capital.  I select something in the industrial column.  It will take 5 days.  That’s good.  I won’t have to bother with it again until then.

The chat window is still blinking.

I wonder what EVE would be like with a fully functional Bounty Hunting system.  Or a Planetary Interaction system where by I need to balance Influence over my subjects with my greed for the goods they could provide.  My combat boosters are selling well to the addicts out there, desperate for their next hit – smuggling them into Empire however will be another story.  More profit however to purchase my next T3 Frigate Hull however. Perhaps a roam tonight to strike a communications relay of our adversary – knocking out the Local channel for a few hours…..

EVE’s still glowing.  The chat window is still blinking.

I spin my ship round, boredom crushing down on me.  I open the chat window to see what my erstwhile buddy has to say.




8 Responses to “AFK”

  1. I’ve got to say, you really hit the nail on the head. Also, I’ve got to say that this blog continues to be my favorite to read. It will probably be the only one I continue to follow after I lose browsing capabilities on Capsuleer.


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  3. Yeah, you’re burnt out. Take a leave of absence.

  4. That was a beautifully written piece – melancholic, poetic and very negative.

    I totally empathise, I’ve recently suffered a similar malaise with everything feeling diluted and my gameplay lacking direction. But that is the danger of such a freefrom game environment.

    I had a break and was able to see the flaws I perceived from a different perspective. They were still there, but a change in my gameplay approach marginalised them.

    In EVE, I think a negative mindset is quite infectious. A few absent or apathetic corpmates can really drag you down.

    My advise is to either change the way you play or take a break and see if you still feel the same way in a couple of months.

  5. Yer lucky, I can go hours with no bilinking of any of the chat columns I have open.

    And stan is right, very nice moody piece of writing, well done


  6. I’ve gone through slumps like this. They pass in time.

  7. really well written piece, as per usual. i still check back on your blog once a week or so, it being the only eve related site that i do still look at, and you pretty much captured my exact feelings about eve. i think the slowly dwindling numbers of friends mixed with the increasing numbers of strangers is one of the bigger problems – i used to bump into people 3 months after i’d been at war with them and we’d gang up and have a roam or whatever, and that was pretty commonplace. recently the only time i’d see anyone i knew really was in a chat channel.
    i also usually figured it was money which made me bored of the game but recently i was able to fly the ships i wanted in the space i wanted and still couldn’t really be bothered to do anything other than try and find something i cared about in the skill queue.
    hope everythings going ok in the real world, shoot me an email sometime. and say hi to sledge + nite for me

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