Sharks with Frikken…Maps?

Quite a few blog posts back I followed the “meme of the moment” and post up my travels across EVE to date.

Today whilst ambling through the dusty corridors of the interwebs I came across an interesting article in New Scientist.  I say interesting because it focused on some recent studies into social behaviour and utilising technology to track and potentially predict the movements and habits of people;

“This study builds on earlier work in which Barabási and colleagues used cellphone data to explore the patterns of human movements (Nature, vol 453, p 779). There they found that individuals generally travel lots of relatively small distances, but occasionally take long excursions that move us to very different territory. The precise details of the statistics of such movements follow a mathematical pattern – known as a Levy flight – which turns out to be closely linked to the ways animals such as deer, bumble bees and birds forage for food. Mathematically speaking, our movements turn out to be strikingly like those of other organisms. So we’re not so special, at least in this regard.” – New Scientist

Now this study focuses on a mere 50,000 individuals.  What would be fascinating to see if this ‘Levy Flight‘ is mirrored in New Eden? And by whom?

Does your ‘systems visited’ map look closer to the Brownian model (below)?

Or closer to the ‘Levy Flight’? Levy Flight – a pattern of movement in essence – is generally more closely associated with “hunting species”; bees, sharks etc.

The Brownian motion is more condensed with many many short hops in roughly the same geographic area (although the entire expanse of territory covered can be large).

As a player who primarily enjoys exploration I don’t stray too far (eventually I’ll find something to investigate in any given system) so my universe map might suggest Im not displaying the same traits as those hunter species? Of course its hard to tell because the current EVE universe map only shows where I have been most – not the route I took to get there.

Hunting species of course will move in relation to the availability of prey or food source with Levy Flight being thought to be a example of when a given areas food supply is exhausted.  EVE’s resources never exhaust themselves completely – unless of course you happen to be a pirate.  So you yarr’bears out there aught to have a ‘systems visited map’ that looks rather more like the Levy plot above.

Well according to theory 😉


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