A future incarnation.

“…….it is in essence a 3d chat room and I can’t see why I would ever use it beyond the initial “Oh lulz this is nifty” new feature moment, so I think it’s only natural I’d much rather having them work on something else”.

One random quote from a player on Incarna.  He’s not alone, many feel like wise.  But I would like to ask you to lift your eyes a moment and scan the horizon of what EVE could become…


Station Dwellers.  The denizens of Incarna, these “capsuleers” are unlike any who have come before.  Most barely move from their residencies, opulent palace like quarters in the vast stations and outposts that cover New Eden.  They are the ultimate directors and leaders of the Mega Corps, their wealth on a truly staggering scale. At the bottom of this social class they run and manage the bars, rent out corporate office space, set the prices for repair bays and reprocessing plants.  Mere ‘capsuleers’ of the type you are most acquainted with  frequent these bars, splurging their new found ISK at the roulette table or in hiring AIs to front their corporate offices.  But these are just bottom feeders compared to the Methuselahs of the Stations.

The most powerful, the wealthiest reach out with their ISK to touch the planets, funding the Mercs who drop to its surface.  They set up the Agents who provide mission tasks to the spaceborn capsuleer.  They do this because it is this ‘sponsorship’ that promotes their status on the station, determines who rules the roost if you will.  Completed that strike against the Serpentis? ISK to you, but prestige to the Station Dweller who funded it. In the wilds of Low Sec such a game becomes increasingly savage –   capsuleer pitted against capsuleer to achieve victory and win the reward.

The Station Dweller has little interest on where his name lies on a kill board. Their kills are the subtle kind.  The bankruptcy and shame of their rivals forced to give up their place at the table – forced back out to the depths of space to earn their living ‘the hard way’.   For these poor souls, used to the luxury of fine clothing, vaunted surroundings, and the power that patronage brings it is a heavy and a hard fall. That might be hard for you to grasp – after all you, a creature of space, will most likely feel envy at the sight of that faction fitted marauder? Or the kudos of flying that super capital?  But these are just instruments, they’re a means – but not the ends.  Even the heady heights of Sovereignty over a system is a joint endeavour.

Not for those who live and breath on the Stations.  This prestige is theirs alone. Perhaps you’ve met some of their future ranks already? They have 10s, even hundreds of Billions in wealth – what in New Eden could anyone spend that sort of ISK on? Simple – buy influence. Power.


Perhaps that’s a fanciful example. But what I hope I’ve demonstrated is that Incarna has the potential to be a great deal more than ‘hair cuts’ and ‘running a bar’.  In the example Ive done here the Station Dweller sets the agenda, his choices impacting upon your actions – but that might equally work the other way around.  Perhaps your actions in space have ramifications for those within “incarna”.  A system changing hands in Factional Warfare could cripple a station residents network of agents and intelligence? How much would a player like that pay to get that back?

“Verge Vendor / Costolle – System Costolle (Gallente Federation) contested by Gallente Federation: your market share of the reprocessing facilities at Costolle III – Moon 1 – Federation Customs Logistic Support has dropped 35% as a result”

If we start to consider just small conceptual idea of ‘King Pin’ players on stations, the ramifications are infinite.  And all of that means much more out there in space, more conflict, more drama.


9 Responses to “A future incarnation.”

  1. Very nice. 🙂

  2. I’ve only been reading your blog recently but I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it. I appreciate your patience, imagination, and sheer reasonableness. I’ve always loved EVE because of its potential and sheer flexibility and I feel that Hydrostatic Capsule captures that more than most.

    • Thanks Grant. Likewise Ive always been captivated by what EVE has the potential to be. I think the mix of DUST, Incarna and EVE is a potent one. CCP probably wont get it right first time…but they’ll get there eventually.

  3. I LOVE the idea of incarna and can’t wait for it. Though this blog seems to make it out as though fromthat point on there won’t be any more capsuleers in space, good read though

    • Heh, yeah I did write that with a rather one sided perspective 🙂 If anything I think DUST and Incarna, if introduced well, could make capsuleers in space MORE not LESS relevant.

  4. Do you know people seriously involved in “station dweller” stuff? The ones I know work mainly outside of the game. Commerce and industry is the province of Excel and Google Spreadsheets. Running an empire is done through jabber, forums, teamspeak, and email.

    I don’t see these folks sitting in a station and if CCP codes incarna to force them to, they’re going to be afk zombies not unlike “bank alts” in WoW.

    And there will be one station, probably Jita, that like The Reet’s Retreat in AO or Pocket D in COX is full of G.I.R.L’s cybering for isk.

  5. Numtini hits the concern that many people have. Would that come to fruition it would be another thing to berate pilots about…

    Station spinning….yuck.

    • The aim of this post wasn’t to suggest that Incarna would be some sort of gold plated to solution to all of EVEs woes. Rather I wanted to describe how it could be more than just walking around a station. Incarna takes quite a beating from the “this is an internets spaceship game!!11elventyone!” crowd which, seeing as we know so little about it I think is misplaced.

      I think if EVE was just left as a glorified Counter Strike in space we’d all be the poorer for it.


  6. Fensfield Says:

    Very nice indeed! Indeed, these are pretty much my hopes for Incarna..

    Not just that, but EVE itself is a remarkable platform for roleplay, in part because it’s hard not to be roleplaying as any sort of player. That’ll just become ever more true, should Incarna really become something special.

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