The Inquisition

“We interrupt this broadcast for a public service announcement…”

Well it’s exciting times for ‘the hydrostatic capsule’ with the welcome news (for my many debtors) that this blog was amongst the winners of Crazy Kinux’s contest over at ‘CrazyKinux’s Musing‘ on Planetary Interaction.  I could enter now into a long winded acceptance speech thanking various member of my family, friends, corporation and so forth but I wont – instead let me direct you straight away to my fellow bloggers sharing the podium: – “Thus always to Tyrants”.  Quite why Mandrill isn’t in the “Blog Pack” I dont know, but what I do know is his post are always informative and so is his entry here.  That and he bagged the best title!

Eve Illectrocuted – “It’s not just about the planets you know”.  Illectro’s post has some great detail in as well as some useful insights into how PI will effect the denizens of EVE, but Illectro goes that yard further by looking at other changes Tyrannis will bring such as the fixes to insurance fraud.

.5 or higher – “Abyssus in Terra”.  David E Talvoces breaths life into the future of PI with his fictional work here, balancing the rabid enthusiasm of Dr Amiel the scientist with the despair of an unknown soldier who suffers the eventual war PI brings.  A great short story in the EVE tradition. KailJoric also entered the fray with a short piece of fiction. Many pirates have leaped with glee at the thought of ganking industrials orbiting planets and KailJoric’s wry observation that pirates are also hunted to brought a smile to my face.

Those lucky few shared the PLEX prize pool, but don’t be fooled into thinking there weren’t other great posts – there are plenty more great blogs which can be found on Crazy Kinux’s site here, so get on over there and read just a few!

Galileo facing the ‘Roman Inquistion’

One such announcement would have been enough but ‘the hydrostatic capsule’ has also had the good fortune to get picked randomly from the pile to join CK and the crew on The Drone Bay Podcast and join them in interrogating *cough* sorry interviewing a CCP Dev.  That’s probably too much luck for one capsuleer, but don’t worry I’ll almost certainly get ganked on a gate in the near future which will redress the balance of the universe….

I would imagine that, given half the chance, most EVE Online players could pin a Dev to a bar for a good few hours with an exhaustive list of questions, so you might be wondering what’s on my list to ask?  Well first and foremost I think it’s worth acknowledging that no one single Dev works on ‘all of EVE’ so my questions will be based really on who the poor victim is.  Secondly it’s not my podcast, so if Crovan, CK, Al and Maeve have got the show themed around ‘Veldspar – is it good for your skin?’ I will have to go along with that…

All that said this blog is about the future of EVE so I can be pretty sure that’s where my line of thought will be going.  If you’re after someone to strap a Dev to a wrack and demand answers to the lacklustre performance of blasters, or why ship “X” should have 22 high slots  then sorry I may well disappoint you there.

If you have got a burning question that’s gnawing on your soul regarding EVE then by all means drop a comment in here and I will try and squeeze it in.

That’s all for this post (I’ll get back to editing the original post that was going here) – my thanks to CK for running a great comp 🙂


2 Responses to “The Inquisition”

  1. Just emailed you a request. Waiting for you to action.

  2. As a random dude, asking a dev face-to-face about nerfing deep space safes, the best way for an attacking fleet to cyno in while lag is still an issue where he is obligated to respond would be nice 🙂

    Wait, scratch that, I honestly don’t care 😛

    Ask for his opinion on k162space XD

    Apart from that, congratulations on winning the plex/contest.

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