The Drone Bay…..its BACK!

Exciting news capsuleers – Crazy Kinux, Crovan and Alsedrech are coming back to the Pod casting scene with their ozom Drone Bay Pod Cast.  If you’ve never listened to the show you really should tune in as its always jam packed full of useful info, insightful comments and general banter.  Good times 🙂

“Recorded late last night, the 25th episode of  The Drone Bay marks our return to the EVE Online podcast scene. Better yet, not only are@Crovan@Alsedrech and I (@CrazyKinux) back together, but we’re now privileged to have a new co-host, none other than Blog Pack member@MaeveTrinity from a Wench with a Wrench blog.

Crovan will be working on editing the podcast over the next 2 days, and we’re hoping to have it out by mid-day Saturday! I’ll have the full show notes available by then, with the links to what we’ve discussed during the show!”


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