Drilling down into PI

In my last post I talked about the ‘futurescape’ of Planetary Interaction as part of Crazy Kinux’s competition.  Today however Im going to look at some interesting new data from EVE’s test server, Singularity.

FroeverTrade has produced a useful Excel spreadsheet that helps to explain the relationship between the various resources that can be extracted from a planet, or manufactured at a processing facility.  You can find the spreadsheet here.

Here’s a short excerpt:

Basic Industrial Process –

Heavy Metals -> Toxic Metals

Toxic Metals + Reactive Metals -> Construction Blocks

Advanced Industrial Process –

Construction Blocks + Livestock + Nanites = Biotech Research Reports.

We can see that the first stage of our process in manufacturing Biotech Research Reports will be to extract Heavy Metals, and in turn process this into Toxic Metals. SXYGeeks’s forum post here his spreadsheet shows that we can find Heavy Metals on I, L, P Planet types (Ice, Lava, Plasma). Justin Othertoon has a similar spreadsheet.

Once we have our Toxic Metals we will need Reactive Metals which may be found on G, S, I, L, P (Gas, Storm, Ice, Lava, Plasma) worlds.

As a rough indication of how common theses planets are these are the figures for the entire EVE Universe (including W Space):

Planet (Ice) 11251
Planet (Storm) 8170
Planet (Barren) 8113
Planet (Temperate) 7284
Planet (Lava) 6473
Planet (Oceanic) 1256
Planet (Plasma) 943
Planet (Shattered) 9
This is all very nice of course, but what does it tell us that’s meaningful?  Well the resources per planet type and their interactions might well change, so we can’t look into those too carefully or draw to many conclusions there.
However, what we can see is that manufacturing anything under PI is going to be a complex and protracted multi stage affair.  Locally to you there will almost certainly be opportunities to find a niche market to extract even basic ‘tier 1’ goods into.  I cant see everyone partaking in PI – no matter how strong their inner industrialist screams to do so.  Equally, as no one planet type offers a significant ability to produce any end product, trade of intermediate resources will be paramount.  I’d like to think this would happen across the cluster, but sadly I think we can expect even more volumes of trade goods to spill into Jita.  Prices for any transport vessel may well rise under the demand to physically move these goods whom, by their very nature, will really only achieve a market in massed quantities.
The big question is are there actually enough industrially minded players to take up the demands of just ‘making’ all this stuff? Im sure you’re thinking ‘oh sure!’ – so let me pose that another way.  Bearing in mind that High Sec System Planets will offer diminishing returns as more and more players harvest them – are there enough Low and Null Sec Industry Players out there??
My guess is (and this is almost certainly a controversial one) is that the answer is “no”.
Instead, because at least some of these processes will be financially viable, we will see more PVP orientated players dipping into PI to provide a soft ‘afk’ income stream.  Once so embroiled in this type of game play we may see a shift of player opinion on all sorts of subjects (such as high sec suicide ganking) as more PVP players start to see a totally new element of EVE?
So is that it? PI all nicely wrapped up and we can go on our merry way to manufacturing Construction Blocks? Well no, not quite.  You see whilst there are plenty of listed items you and I will be familiar with there is also a plethora of items that simply do not currently exist:

Wetware Mainframes?
Cybergenetic Catalysts?
Psychosocial Telemetrics?
Placeholders? Or something else entirely?

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