Let the Gods be Gods!

Tyrannis will see some new industrial and planetary interaction opportunities like we’ve never seen before in New Eden. It’s a step in linking EVE Online and DUST514 as well. So I need you to write what you believe are the short and/or long term consequences of this development, in terms of the new industrial capacity in presents to players, in terms of the opportunities for pirates, for industrialist, for sovereignty, etc. Surprise us!” – CK

Indulge me for a moment.

“Olin III fills your screen, its dark mass flickering with the tumultuous storms that wrack and shudder over its service. Via your neo-com you launch a cluster of low orbit satellites which sweep out and report back with a steady stream of data; surface temperature, wind speeds, mineral content, humidity – the list goes on.  Amongst the static your satellites pick up the faint signal of an abandoned extraction facility, perhaps worn down by the incessantly punishing weather than torments this planet, and a few ruined accommodation modules.  The facility bears the mark of Heavy Metals Mining Corp, but there are no signs of any of their number in the local communication channels….”

Where will Planetary Interaction (PI) lead us in EVE Online?

Does our short tale suggest the fall of an Industrial Corp to pirate attack, or the ravages of a long war? Perhaps this short lived colony succumbed to the pressure of market forces its inhabitants shipped of world or even abandoned as more lucrative deals arose elsewhere?

Or does our tale point to a game mechanic abandoned as a uninteresting and irrelevant past time, pursued for a brief period before being tossed aside by players who have found their entertainment elsewhere?  What can we see of the future as we drift in orbit over Olin III?

In the first instance we should expect that PI will almost certainly not meet everyone’s expectations.  Now this might sound a rather negative view point so early in our discussion but we cannot escape the fact that the suggestion of PI means many things to many players.  Some will hope for expansive riches, an AFK income beyond comparison – the end of the dominance of Level IV missions as the “care bears” profession of choice.  Other’s will expect PI to provide an exhaustive supply of Iteron Vs to gank and ransom, a new dawn for the savage pirate and clear admission that EVE is the harshest of all Universes.

Planetary Interaction will not meet these expectations, nor will it fit snugly into our personal preconceived ideas of what EVE is, or should be.  And for some this will be a source of great angst and much gnashing of teeth. Someone will almost certainly type ‘epic fail’.

The reason why this reaction will almost certainly arise is that PI will have a subtle but remarkably powerful effect: PI will allow players to extend upon their characters and Avatars into EVEs Universe.  Not only will we define what a Planet is, in turn they will define us.

Like our ships, some worlds will become martial and ridden with strife and wars,  others will be bastions of peace, or hubs of trade and industry.  The planets of EVE Online will become an often beautiful, some times dark and tragic, tapestry of all of EVE.  The majority will be mixtures of all these things of course, just as our Corporations and Alliances are mixtures of the plethora and playing styles that evidence themselves in EVE.

Industrial worlds.  Religious colonies.  Martial fortresses.  Trade worlds.  Pirate enclaves.

All of these things will, in time, become a reality.  How do I know these things? How, as we sit over the glittering and sparking atmosphere of Olin III can we know that such things will come to pass?

The reason is simple.  Because when we  looked down on Olin III and saw the ruins of failure like Gods we judged; we judged the character and perseverance of that Mining Corp.  Where they saw futility or defeat we might see opportunity, where they saw hopelessness we see prosperity.  Where they failed we could succeed, and in doing so, place our mark on the tapestry of EVE Online for all to see.


Today’s blog is in reply to Crazy Kinux’s latest competition the details of which can be found here 🙂

12 Responses to “Let the Gods be Gods!”

  1. How am I supposed to win this contest against a post like this? Very nice.

    • Thanks Garhead, I really enjoyed your article aswell – its a really amusing picture of someone getting so absorbed by PI they lose all perspective 😀

      Added your good self to my blog roll!


  2. Incredibly well structured and implicitly insightful. Will be reading your posts from now on. Good luck too.!

  3. Thanks for your participation. The results of the contest will be announced tomorrow morning! Good luck.

  4. Congratulations Cailas on winning one of the 5 PLEX that were being given away for the Tyrannis PI Contest! Please follow the instructions in order to claim your PLEX

    As well, you have won the random draw to interview a CCP Dev during a The Drone Bay podcast record.

  5. Shinzann Says:


  6. Congrat to you Cailas, a very good entry. I knew it was going to be a tough competition. Can’t wait to hear what questions you choose to ask the devs in your interview.

    Keep up the good work, Eve needs it fan based bloggers!

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  8. […] The winner of the interview was selected at random from the 5 winning entries and the winer was Cailais of Hydrostatic Capsule. […]

  9. kEwL dOOd Says:


    And grats on winning.

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