HEX’d by PI and the Flu

Before I push on a couple of images from SISI and PI.  They’re rather hard to make out clearly but the planets now have a HEX grid overlaid on them whilst in Planetary Mode.  Pure speculation of course but I’m assuming these will have a role to play in determining control over a given area (which makes sense as gas planets won’t have any continents).

Interestingly when you need to collect your rocket launched goods you need to enter ‘low orbit’ to pick up the can – a warpable object (thanks to milocaman for explaining how to do this).  This means, as it stands currently, that players will not be able to gank you ‘mid scoop’ as you wont be at the same grid in space.  I have not tested yet if ships that are probed down can be caught in low orbit, but even if they are it makes the risk of collecting planet-space cargo much reduced.  In theory you could un-dock from a station, order a launch, warp to the cargo and back to a station in seconds.  No doubt enterprising pirates will find a way to kill folks regardless but its worth mentioning.

Also revealed have been a few images of the graphical work being done for Incarna out of GDC2010.  This site has some more details and a few low res shots – it is translated from Japanese so the text is … well unreadable really 🙂

Over at I am Keith Neilsen‘s blog Mandrill goes into greater depth on the sticky problem of managing multiple fleets in an effort to aid dissolving blob warfare a little.   It’s a very good read and I would certainly like to see something like his ideas implemented.  I particularly like the idea of being able to assign routes to fleets / gangs which would allow operations to be planned in advance, perhaps with Battlegroup commanders creating contingency plans and the like.

Professions is the subject of the Ecliptic Rift blog and Casiella asks what ‘careers’ have emerged from EVE’s sandbox that appeal to you the most.  It’s a pretty wide ranging question (is an EVE Blogger a “profession”?!) and I have to agree with Rettic in that I would love to see ‘something’ improved for smuggling.  I guess we all smuggle equipment and goods to a certain extent every time we jump through a gate and dodge a camp but adding just a little flavour would be awesome.  That and the counter point to the smuggler – the bounty hunter;  sure its a blatant Star Wars Han Solo vs Jabba’esq concept but its just cool!

That’s all from me tonight – the flu has ganked this pod pilot for today.  Fly safe.


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