Red Frog at Night…

Every so often I find myself needing a new ship, or a pile of kit moved from some location or other.  Now this is no great hard ship, but when you’re not on the best of terms with Concord or you just have too much stuff to move I inevitably end up relying upon the help of friends to move items around the cosmos on my behalf.  Now I can hear what your saying “use an Alt!” but to be honest I can’t really justify a second account just to haul Cailais’s kit about.  So I was very pleased to try out Red Frog Investments – a freighter corporation.

I have got to say I was really pretty impressed by their service, and over night my ship was shifted out of Jita to a 0.5 sec system where I could pick it up and fly on into Null Sec space.  If you’re looking for a reliable and well costed haulage company you could do worse than try Red Frog’s service.  Their details can be found on the EVE-O forums through this link.  They also have a handy  Freight Calculator that allows you to check in advance what the costs will be.  After that it’s a simple matter of setting up a courier contract and you can sit back and relax while they do the heavy lifting for you.

I have always wished to see more of these types of enterprise in EVE.  When I first began my pod piloting career I remember reading up on Phoenix Propulsion Laboratories and thinking how incredible it was that there were these corporations running as high tech industries across the Galaxy.  Over time of course it became apparent the PPL were the exception rather than the rule, and that sadly I could not go and buy a bespoke star ship from such a company or compare the merits of a PPL Arbitrator MK IV with a MechIndustries Arbitrator.

Ships and modules are still generic to all intents and purposes and the idea of corps running their own retail outlets fuel’d by a back room set up of grimy industrialist is unfortunately something which exists (by and large) in our imaginations only.

The seeds of such an industrial revolution are there though.  T3 ships and contracts allow corps to at least build ships complete with their set ups and sell them through that system. However what seems so very lacking is a means by which those corps can promote their merchandise, differentiate themselves from the rest of the market and establish a true ‘brand’ identity.  Briefly we saw a glimpse of ‘store fronts’ appear on the test server but the feature never materialised on Tranquillity.

Could we see something like this with Tyrannis? Its possible of course but I think we are unlikely to see anything of this sort until Incarna hits when ‘shopping’ will probably become a profession all by itself.  And that is at least disappointing – if we can have PVP orientated Corps like Hellcats, VETO, OUTBREAK or countless others make their mark on the history and tapestry of EVE why not the industrial and trading corporations?

Until that time comes I hope the likes of Red Frog Investments are able to overcome the obstacles that they will sure have to cross as they develop. Perhaps one day we’ll be able to look back on their efforts as the first pioneers of a deeper more complex galaxy.


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