Useful Stuffs

EVE Online is a vast vast Universe and endless fascinating.  But the depth of EVE can be daunting and sometimes finding the information you want or just a new perspective isn’t all that easy.

However, there is a tremendous range of useful websites, apps, blogs and podcasts out there so I thought I’d drop down just a few with a brief summary of each.  Im sure you’ll be familiar with most but you just never know!

(edit: there are other sites and alternatives available – this is just a few! Dont pod me if your favourites not here!!)

SKILLS: Capsuleer – if you’re an iphone user you cant do badly wrong by using this handy skill tracking app.  Links in to trawl Crazy Kinux’s ‘Blog Pack’ as well as EVE Online Dev Blogs, free to install find it here: or on itunes app store.

Time is money.  Well it is when you’re training up to fly a TITAN: EVE Mon is the industry standard for crushing your spirit at how long becoming uber will take. Dead useful though:

KNOWLEDGE: The official EVE Wiki has a good range of information, corp backgrounds and guides.  Not the most transparent site to navigate around but pretty useful nonetheless – have a look here:

Stuck out in null sec, no alt and want to know how much that named Railgun is worth? Take a look at EVE Metrics, which compiles player submitted data on everything market:

Information is power and knowing what’s what in that system next door could be a pod saver: has a monstrous amount of information available, and some might argue even better than the in game map for recon at a distance.

SOCIAL Looking for humorous, topical, knowledgeable ramblings from your fellow pod pilots? Crazy Kinux’s blog and associated ‘blog pack’ has all this and more for the blog hungry pilot.

If your not inclined, or just don’t have the time, to read a blog or ten then consider 00sage00’s tweetfleet list: a varied collection of eve twits chirping away. A great source of news, rumour and gossip in handy 140 character chunks.

CHRIBBA POWER: If there’s  a ghost in the machine he’s almost certainly in Chribba’s servers.  A vault of unbeaten data from EVE films to screen shots and forum sigs Also as useful to check if CCPs server hamsters have expired or in fact its your router that’s making that burning smell.  Cant find that forum post you read, trolled or ignored 3 months ago but absolutely have to read right now? Well good luck if you’re using the EVE Online guess engine: try Chribba’s instead!

FITTING & UNFITTING: Ships – they need fitting, but to avoid splashing out on that faction Micro Warp Drive only to find you’re 1cpu short use EVE Fitting Tool!

Ships – they need blowing up.  Find out whose blowing up whom in what at the more experimentally minded perhaps an alternative is on the horizon? : Eve Arena Killboard)

RANTS & RAVES EVE Onlines forums are all very well, but they’re patrolled by the forum mods and might be …oooh i dunno..a bit biased? Scrapheap Challenge is where the bad boys (& girls) of EVE hang out.

Pod casts – there are a few but one which seems to be currently pretty reliable and frequent is the Podded Podcast.  Catch up with Dillon and War Childe here:

Hope some of that is useful to some of you.


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