Ten Ton Torfi Talks Tyrannis

Ten Ton Hammer has a new interview up with CCP Dev & Senior Producer Torfi Ólafsson – here.

Quite a lot of information to chew over within there.  There is a clear emphasis the Planetary Interaction (PI) will be accessible to everyone in EVE, across all Planets and in every system: even W Space.

There’s also a strong hint that PI will have some role to play in the production of NPC Market Items – i.e those items which are simply seeded on the market and require no Player input to manufacture:

One of our goals with planetary interaction is to phase out these NPC created commodities, because we want to put the power into the hands of the players and make EVE even more sandbox-y than it is“.

This overall I think is pretty good news, and I think most of EVE will welcome a market economy that is 99% Player driven although it will of course bring a certain amount of uncertainty with it.  I think we can start to see how PI will be implemented and EVE’s current structure gives us some clues.

At best we can expect some form of 3D map interface, perhaps with a planet sphere or globe that can be rotated to indicate where across the planet surface we can expect to see an installation.  While this would be ‘uber cool’ I think this is pretty unlikely. What we can be sure of is that we wont have such a view from space: ever noticed how you cant warp to the ‘other side’ of a planet from another player?

At worst we’ll have something along the lines of the current manufacturing interface – devoid of any juicy territory info, and just some bland stats of what’s coming off the production line in 10d34min15sec.

Also it seems we wont get to enslave the locals with crowd control measures, tear gas or mini nukes – at least not initially:

“We’re not expecting to be able to go that much into population control, in this expansion. This iteration is more about scanning for great deposits, mining them, building up infrastructure to refine them, and manufacturing stuff out of them on the surface of the planets. Then launching it into space to be used by players”.

That’s sad news and seems at odds with Torfi’s first comment:

“Players will finally get access to and be capable of meddling in the affairs of entire planets. The pilots were unhappy with just roaming the skies and controlling the universe from above. So now they are interested in the trillions of people that live on these planets...”

Hmm. Well if we’re meddling what are we meddling with exactly? Its possible that Chribba has advanced skills in Veldspar meddling but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to ‘meddle’ with a pile of mineral type resources.  I can see that CCP have a wider plan (DUST 514) that hopefully will involve or at least impact upon a planets population but there seems little to suggest and emphasise the Immortal power of the capsuleer here.  I cant really lord it over a pile of resources, even if they are cattle.

Even more worrying is the revelation that DUST 514 will be focused on the conquest of Low and Null Sec planets – High Sec planets look like they could become a really very cosy source of AFK income? Perhaps.  But we might just see the Empire War Dec starting to have real relevance if you could blockade a planet or sufficiently hamper a players ability to harvest and maintain it within Empire.

The general direction of PI looks interesting, even promising, from this perspective but I just have this niggling feeling that as more details emerge we will find that PI is actually rather limited in scope – and I for one am preparing myself for a diverting ‘mini game’ rather than a full blown feature of political intrigue and military conquest.  Perhaps thats because CCP are wary of getting too many accusations of trying to re make Civilisation in space: but I cant really see that as a bad thing per se.  A grand ‘chess board’ of strategy would be a tremendous element to add onto the EVEscape and I feel we may well be getting something all together different.

Doom & gloom? Well not entirely, as those who already enjoy the industrial and trading aspects of EVE as they exist now will no doubt rejoice at having some more stuff to mine and a new branch of skills to learn to improve said mining.  And of course the every present pirates will be licking their collective lips at the chance to gank a hapless hauler or two.  Quite how excited they will be to find a cargo hold full of Dairy Products or Amarrian Wheat however is yet to be seen.

Assuming though you are in the market to grab yourself a continent or two what planet might suit you?  Well with 65,000 planets such a search could be exhaustive right? Well lucky if you’re a bit of a couch potato fear not as Katiasae of blog To Boldy Go has set up the task of exploring every single planet in EVE…and you can see some of Katiasae’s results so far on his blog page.   And if that’s not enough for you why not drop by ‘A Mule In Eve‘ and check out this insane web of social interactions apparently dug up from the Kugutsman forum.  Interesting stuff – but erm…I think it just shows that folks in EVE know er…other folks in EVE? Amusing at any rate!


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  1. Thanks mate! Greatly appreciate this!

  2. Shared the link on Facebook Fan page here (http://tinyurl.com/yls9yna)!

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