Incarna ‘Lite’

EVE Online’s expanding, but not by the number of star systems but in it’s medium.

We know a scarce amount about the fiddly details of this ‘future EVE’ but will do know that it will consist of a number of different (but related) elements:

EVE Online – Spaceships, on the interwebs!

DUST 514  – Console based shoot’em up

EVE Gate – “Facebook”  for EVE

Incarna – Avatars and walking about in stations

Which brings me to a curio on the F&I forum this week by ‘Silken mouth‘.  Silken describes Incarna as a means by which players could interact with EVE Online, albeit at a reduce level of functionality and at a lower (perhaps even free) subscription cost.  Its a fascinating idea – could we have a series of ‘tiers’ of players within the EVE Online Universe?

Mortals (non subscribers) could access some elements of WiS, walking around, selling some goods on a market, accepting in station missions and so forth whilst unable to access the higher level structures which are exclusively the domain of the Immortal Capsuleer? Could we, as capsuleers have fawning devotees responding to our whims and directions?

The degree and depth to which someone interacts with the EVE Universe could therefore be quite variable from the ultra casual player who simply exists within a station, and perhaps as a presence in EVE GATE to the hard corp pod pilot gunning his star ship through the Ether!

But, by shifting our focus away from the origins of EVE (interwebs spaceships) do we risk detracting from it? Could what we recognise now as EVE become actually something of a side show to the bigger world of ‘guns & clothing’ for Incarna / DUST 514?  It seems unlikely but it does place CCP in something of a quandary: if Incarna is too good will anyone un-dock to play the original elements of the game? If its not good enough is there any value in adding it?

My personal view is that if Incarna encourages a deeper and wider universe of players then we should be encouraged by that – even if we cant shoot them in the face (in game).


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