Boba Fetish

A recent forum post in the Features and Ideas forum caught my eye this week.  The post is from Lana Torrin, who seems to have got one of those forum reps – posting a lot of rubbish ideas I suppose.  But every now and then if you post enough you’ll probably hit the target once in a while, and I think this particular idea has some merit.

The basis of Lana’s idea then:

Bounty jobs work as follows. You go to the bounty office and request a job (or jobs). The bounty office randomly selects one pilot in the current region who has a bounty on his head and assigns him to you. At this point you get full kill/podding rights on that pilot. The ‘job’ will last for exactly 1 week (7 days) or until the bounty has been claimed (so he has no bounty left on his head). After the first day you can hand in the bounty job and request a new one (this is to prevent people continually asking for different jobs to get someone they know is an easy target, like an alt). Multiple bounty hunters can be given the same criminal (ie, its just random, it doesn’t need to check for this)

To claim the bounty you have to pod the pilot who has been assigned to you. This will give you 100% of the bounty outstanding on that pilot. IMPORTANT: ONLY THE PILOTS THAT HAVE A BOUNTY JOB FOR THAT CRIMINAL CAN CLAIM THE BOUNTY. Ship destruction but without a podding will give you 10% of the current bounty (cos podding in highsec is hard). All you have to do is get on the killmail, not put in the final blow (this is all assuming killmails GET FIXED!)”.

Not a terrible solution, as it would make it unlikely that a player could collect on their own bounty (unlikely but still possible if you got very lucky).

What I particularly liked about this idea was the idea of Bounty Hunting as a style of ‘mission’ albeit against a player rather than an NPC (which surely is a major attraction to the bounty hunter lifestyle).  Mix in a few skills that refine your ability to acquire a target, search over a wider range, or extend the window of opportunity to make that hit and we have the seeds of a ‘good’ idea.

I really hope that CCP do give this long lost profession another look as it really does epitomise everything that EVE Online should stand for: consequence for your actions in a cold, harsh universe where almost anyone is out to get you.


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  2. […] Based on this thread on the forums, ht: Lana Torrin and The Hydrostatic Capsule […]

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