An Introduction.

Welcome to ‘the hydrostatic capsule’ which I hope will be a selection of my thoughts and musings on that most excellent of MMOs – EVE Online.

I’ve played EVE for several years now, and have stuck with the same main character ‘Cailais’ throughout that time.  My primary interests within EVE will probably bubble to the surface of this Blog over time – it’s probably enough to say here that I enjoy but fail epically at PVP, enjoy exploration whilst roaming through the depths of space and have a secret fascination with the mysteries of ‘invention and industry’.

What I do spend a great deal of time mulling over (as I’m sure many other’s do) is how CCP could work towards improving EVE, and so I’m more likely to be found reading the ‘Features and Ideas’ forum than ‘COAD’ or ‘Ships & Modules’.

To kick start most of my blog posts here I’ll dip into and link subjects from EVE-O from time to time.  I know EVE-O isn’t necessarily representative of the whole player base, or even a fraction of it (and there are other worthy fan sites like SHC I could use), but the “official” forums are as good a place as any to trawl for inspiration!

Oh, and Twitter…and Facebook…and of course other Blogs….  In fact there’s a constant hum of data spooling forth about EVE onto the interwebs every minute of every hour.  I guess that begs the question as to whether we really need another Blog on the topic?  Well, as I was once told; ‘variety is the spice of life’   – so provided I can make my blog just that little bit different to others out there I hope it will be of interest.


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